What We Do

The Big Help Project is a charity whose aim is to ‘work with others to help alleviate poverty throughout Knowsley and the surrounding areas.’ Based in Kirkby it offers different services throughout Knowsley.


Knowsley Foodbankoffers emergency food and support to people in crisis. It is a part of the Trussell Trustand works in partnership with over 100 organisations who give people in crisis a red voucher which can be redeemed for three days worth of food at any of our nine distribution centres across the borough. The foodbank works in partnership with Knowsley Council’s Emergency Support Scheme offering food and support to those using the scheme.


The problem of debt is an issue that faces thousands of people in our community. With the continued availability of instant credit, rising prices, and the benefit reforms it has never been easier to slip further and further into financial difficulties. However, help is available. Jubilee Debt Advice  offers free, confidential support with trained advisers that take the time to listen and will support in any way that they can.



It is one thing to give someone three days food or even to help them to regain control of their finances, but what happens after that? How can people break out of the wider cycle of poverty that may include gaps in education, a lack of opportunity for training or work or even a feeling of increasing desperation and loneliness? Next Steps  is a project that aims to put people back in charge of their lives and to give them the resources they need to break free from poverty.


Baby Basics  was founded in 2009 by a church in Sheffield with the aim of providing some of the basics needed for life with a newborn baby. Baby Basics Knowsley was founded in 2014 and currently works in collaboration with Knowsley's two Community Midwives and other agencies to provide a Moses basket full of much needed essential items and help for vulnerable mums.


Get Connected incorporates members of the already established Next Steps and Jubilee Debt Advice teams, alongside a digital and financial inclusion worker. Get Connected is based in the Knowsley Foodbank distribution centres, where experienced, practiced staff are on hand to offer clients one to one advice and support.





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