Baby Basics


Baby Basics was founded in 2009 by a church in Sheffield with the aim of providing some of the basics needed for life with a newborn baby. Baby Basics Knowsley was founded in 2014 and currently works in collaboration with Knowsley's two Community Midwives and other agencies to provide a Moses Basket full of much needed essential items and help for vulnerable groups such as teenage mums, asylum seekers and women fleeing domestic violence and trafficking. Each Basket provides a bed for the baby to sleep in and is packed full of toiletries - nappies, wipes, maternity pads, etc - as well as blankets, towels and baby clothes. For some, these gifts are the only items they have for their child. We believe that Baby Basics shows God's love in action and is a testament to the love and care he has for all his children. Baby Basics Knowsley was launched on 22nd April 2014.

Please click below for a full checklist of what goes into each Moses Basket. 


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